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About Phaze Clothing

Phaze proudly celebrates 25 years of designing, manufacturing and wholesaling all aspects of alternative clothing and accessories!

Phaze is based in the North of England where we have a full design studio and factory production. Our designers adapt to the ever changing music and fashion scenes  and create dynamic new styles relevant to the various cult movements of the times including; punk, gothic, rock, neon, fancy dress, pvc, gothic bride, pin-up, retro, polka dot,steampunk, petticoats and burlesque , and all  with quirky and unusual accessories.


We manufacture in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK where we keep large stocks. Our ranges of apparel and accessories include tops, dresses, skirts, trousers, catsuits, coats, belts, hats, hair dyes, make-up and jewellery. Our huge collection will entice customers to your business because of our varied and ever changing ranges of good quality and original design. Our website is updated daily so you can be sure of a fast and safe delivery. We use Parcelforce in the UK, GLS in Europe.

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PUNK Collection A/W 2018

Our Punk Apparel is packed full of amazing vandalised fashion and edgy style clothing, customised with cold metallic D-rings, eyelets, spikes, studs, nylon zips and stretchy straps.
We have lots of designers inputting fresh experimental edgy designs in new fabrics to make our punk clothing stand out from other punk collections.
The majority of our punk clothing and accessories are made with a combination of edgy red tartans, black stretch canvas and glossy black vinyl and pvc, with our best seller being our mens bondage trousers which we hold large quantities of so we can supply bulk volumes to our national and international Alternative Wholesale Customers.
We store all of our alternative apparel in large quantities at our onsite warehouse enabling us to instantly pick and send out bulk orders to our Wholesale customers at a fast and efficient pace.

GOTHIC Collection A/W 2018

Our design team have dreampt up a deliriously dark and insatiable collection of gothic garments and apparel. We have wholesale expertise in the Gothic genre and can fill your retail space from the floor boards to the rafters full of fabulous goodvalue wares. The inspiration needed to create so many work of modern genious is drawn from the romanticism of the meideival era, the imperialism and structured formality of the era of Victoriana and the decadence and enlightment of the Renaissance years. The designs draw heavily on our british heritage and direct us to the rich, sumptuous veleveteen fabrics and brocades, the fine lace trims we labour away adorning and accentuating your garments with. The frivolous and exquisite ribbon and lace details we add to our poignant, dark and desirous dresses. Our lookbook is simple, adorn yourself with a rich brocade or velveteen frock, don your opera gloves and choose from an extensive ensemble of accoutrements and let the night take you where it must. Our Autumn, Winter look is a dark as the night itself so why not Bulk buy today and earn yourself a decent return. Buy Gothic skirts, dresses, accessories, bags, collars and opera gloves.

Our design team travels the world looking for exotic and interesting fabrics so we can design a unique selection of gothic clothing. We are inspired by Victorian, Renaissance and Medieval clothing and we use rich velvets and brocades trimmed with luscious lace , ribbons and frills to create romantic flowing gowns and skirts.
Our gothic skirts, gothic tops and gothic dresses all have a unique blend of velvet and trim .Our gothic accessories includes bags, collars and gloves.

BURLESQUE Collection A/W 2018

feathers, fans and frills! Moulin Rouge style bustles, satin gloves and mini hats will give you the limelight in your own show.
Our burlesque styles include petticoats, burlesque tie on bustles, burlesque accessories and beautiful burlesque corsets.

The art of seduction lies in the anticipation. You need wait no longer, the unveiling of the new Phaze Burlesque Collection Autumn, Winter 2012 is nigh. Enjoy feathers, fans and frills as each layer is teasingly added or taken away at your whim. Where as much or as little as you please with a versatile line up of frivolous and often skimpy wares. Up the ante with cutting edge fashion and redress your rail space. Our garments look great in shop window displays.Up for offer are moulin rouge style bustles, sumptuous and sensual gloves, miniature top hats, fascinators and a whole range of accoutrements to satiate your temptress side. Our corsets are extremely high quality, including modesty panels and have fully descriptive text so you can be sure they will not leave you dissappointed. Rich colourways and bold sensual design underpin this flirty and sensual collection. Dress up or dress down, slip on or slip off... put on your very own sneeky peek burlesque show when you step out in true Phaze style.

FANTASY Collection A/W 2018

Do you dare? Yes? Well so do we. We dare to dress you any which way you want. yeye popping bulk buy opportunities and merchandise for window dressing and curb appeal. Be who you wish with our alluring and intricately detailed cotumes and masks. Whatever you've been secretly dreaming up, we can can make it your reality. At Phaze we love to be the exhibitionist and nothing excites more than realising a fantasy, becoming what ever your heart desires. From slinky g-strings and exquisite hoisery to complete outfits and costumes we will make it come true for you. We will be stocking a varied and extensive range of high quality ventian masks. Each and every one of our masks is different, so choose from our Bauta, Columbina and Volto inspired Venetian Masks with their untold historical tales of debauchery, when worn by the attendees of Grand Venetian masquarade Balls. alternatively if you fancy something considerably racy why not try dressing up as a Nurse, A Dolly or a French Maid Oooh La La.

Be who you want (or dare) to be with our alluring masks and sexy costumes. You will be transformed into a new fantasy persona with our complete range of stargazer make up, directions hair colour and PVC outfits.
Our tight fitting PVC catsuits, body skimming lycra dresses and fantasy costumes are all available from stock.

GOTHIC BRIDE Collection A/W 2018

Gothic Bride is a new Phaze Cllection for Autumn/Winter 2012 that possesses a distinctive air of formal lines and well structured garments. each piece is designed to flatter and lend an air of dark sophistication to your look. offer your customers a distinctive look for their Bridal arrangements and bulk buy from an authentic british wholesaler. Tradition runs through every thread. Great dramatic delicate window displays.Characterised by over flowing layers of light satin, lace, brocade and velvet give great length to may of the designs. Finely appointed trims and accoutrements, from filigree to applique in soft floral lace or net will reinstate you as the Belle of the Gothic Ball, the 'Gothic Bride to Be' or the Ingenue you truly are.
Accessorize your divine designer look with delicate veils, petticoats, chokers , gloves and parasols in complimentary fabric swatches, which will complement our gothic bridal dresses and add to the special appeal of the day or occasion!

Phaze FANCY DRESS collection A/W 2018

Wholesale fancy dress available at Phaze! As your one stop shop supplier we aim to bring you high quality items across a range of genres including the fancy dress. These items are excellent additions to your retail or online outlet and available with rapid shipping arrangements. With our low order quantities you could get a lot more in-shop variety. These garments make great window displays. A collection of PVC and fabric outfits to liven up your special fancy dress party, Sexy Nurse, Naughty Nun and Merciless Maid will have a definite impact on your fun night out. We are not saying that our cheeky and often naughty dress up clothes aren't an exciting alternative to pyjamas either! A cheeky range full of fun, that will often have you smiling as you dance the night away on the Camden or Soho scene or anywhere for that matter. Our fancy dress garments are very tongue in cheek in true british style and fingers crossed leave you with many a fond memory. Complement dreampt up look with our range of fancy dress accessories and hats you can create your own fancy dress outfit.


Fabulous Pinup glamorous are the right words to describe this Autumn/Winter collection from the Phaze design team. Inspired from the provative and feminine silhouettes of the 1950s our collection is sets the tone for a glamorous evening. Our clever use of exciting and novel prints and polka dot fabrics have been used to create a stunning range of A-Line, Halterneck, over generous Circle dresses. You can have it all at Phazeclothing.com from bows and petticoats to supsender belts, boleros and parasols. The extensive range of accessories on offer enable you to recreate the glamour associated with the 1950s pinup era today. Whether revelling in a cocktail lounge throng or dancing in a 50s diner you'll be fabulous dressed from head to toe in glamorous and dainty full polka dot circle dress or A-line flared cotton printed mini dress with spaghetti straps. Complete the look by topping it off with a fabulous harlot red shiny gloss belt and a choice of parasol and the scene is set.

5O's inspired dresses and accessories in polka dots and prints. Wiggle and frill back pencil skirts and halter neck tops set the scene. Designed to bring out the fabulous pinup glamorous in you. Full circle polka dot dresses with net petticoats are one of our most popular dresses and topped up with a polka dot parasol, they set a great polka dot scene.


In a world of invention, industrialisation, mechanisation and exploration, you need look no further to find this seasons most alternative look. Re-invent and invigorate your product offering with great bulk buy wholesale fashion from Phaze. Our distinctive range cross many boundaries and genres and will give your shop as much sought out pieces online and in-store too. Our garments are designed from high grade materials and constructed using British expertise in the manufacturing process. From the aristocrat to the ardent inventor our fabulous line up of eccentric designs has arrived and suits every taste. Autumn/winter has ushered in a dark look with our Victoriana inspired pieces, including various idiosyncratic double breasted waistcoats for every occasion, adorne with olde world watch chains, clipped shawl collars and decadent brocades. More explorer than aristocrat? Try our well constructed and british tailored long cabaret jackets and longcoats. Our collection of womanswear is all finery and elegance, as you slip on a Phaze dress from this collection you'll surely note the painstaking details and embellishment of our british inspired garments. Look online to find fine frill and ruffle shirts for Sir and cameo dress jewellery for Madam. Exceptional designs with extensive appendaged hardware including clocks, keys, cameos and various accoutrements and accessories.Why wait get inventive at Phazeclothing.com/Steampunk.

Victorian inspired styling embellished with creative pieces of hardwear including cameos, clocks and keys. Our steampunk range is a fusion of technology and fabrics from the age of Golden Steam. Mens tailcoats and double breasted waistcoats teamed with cravattes and fine frilled shirts create the ultimate steampunk outfit. Elegant womenswear with Victorian ruffles, collars and frills. Pretty parasols, mini hats and top hats complete the look.


As one of the main purveyors of the petticoat for the Alternative fashion scene, we've become expert in their design. 26 years of expert know how makes .These most neccessary garments will be a welcome addition to any alternative wardrobe and an essential part of creating the alternative look that will set you apart. Either wear your petticoat underskirt to lift your look to the truly exceptional or wear one of our individual petticoats how ever you want. You will the autumn/Winter lookbook we have is made up of a wide variety of show style bustles, multicoloured tulle petticoats and neon colours that will make you standout in any clubbing scene. A whole gamut of easy fit sizes and designs in various net and trimmings. So whether your dreaming about unearthing the Ballerina, the Faerie or Show Girl in you.Why wait? Choose your perfect petticoat from Phaze now.

Our wide selection of petticoats includes underskirts, neon, Club wear, bustles and fancy dress. They come in all sizes from short petticoats, medium and long in a variety of coloured tulles and nets with assorted trimmings. We have tut u style ballet petticoats and multi coloured layered petticoats. Guaranteed to make your dress stick out!